My name is
Łukasz Dziedzic.
I’m a type designer.

Here are some of my fonts.

Google fonts (free)

Lato: 18 styles


FF Clan: 84 styles

FF Good: 196 styles

FF More: 30 styles

FF Pitu: 3 styles

FF Mach: 15 styles

FF Eggo: 10 styles


Ringo: 4 styles

Custom design:

empik: 3 styles

Logos: Reserved, Nałęczowianka, a few newspaper headlines...

AIGA 100 years of design everywhere... ...in the city

Certainly Lato is my most popular font. It doesn’t mean my other fonts are worse, but Lato is completely free. It's available everywhere now as a web font from many providers.

Version 2.0 contains more than 3000 glyphs in 18 styles, everything you need to write whatever you want in latin, cyrillic, greek and IPA scripts.

The Economic Times, India Scotish Government identity MacWelt RED BULL Music Academy United Airlines Corporate Identity

The FF Clan family was designed in 2006. Its very strong personality and wide palette of 72 styles allowed Clan to become a bestseller of FontFont in just few months.

In 2014 I decided to add cyrillic, greek and vietnamese support, review the fonts and change the shapes a little bit, for better screen usage.

Fontbook by Fontshop: the most comprehensive type specimen Associeted Press identity main font Culture.pl main font FontFont FF Good poster First publishing of FFGood. All widths and most of weights used in tabs.

This is simply a monster. Almost 200 styles, from compressed to extended, from light to ultra black. Latin, cyrillic.

I don't know what else to write. It’s sick. Crazy.
Eh. It’s the biggest.

FF More Showing by William Montrose-Helker printed in Slanted Magazine The Berlin Design Guide by Wolfgang, Shlomo & Max. culture.pl

FF More is a 30 serif styles family, a companion for FF Good. It’s not a completely “transparent” font — it belongs where emotions count. News, art, manifests. Say it strong. Type it strong.

Herder books series Laura sera Pitu promo poster Lukas Dąbrowski patterns made from pitu — „pitu patu” book W magazine style.com, story about shoes

“If Kim Kardashian had class, she would be FF Pitu.” — words of Hrant Papazian are the best description for this blinking family.

Swashes, ligatures, small caps... — a whole system to write elegant and sexy sentences. For designers only. It’s not an easy animal. It needs love and passion from a designer to look its best.

Polish industrial design exhibition Font font Showing Part of something bigger Lukas Dąbrowski showing

Constructivist text. No curves. Few styles. To get italics — slant. Switch on contextual alternates for capitalics, you’ll get some fancy ligatures. Strong, brave, simple. Rich.

Some showing

Eggo will be published later this year. It’s a 10 styles scipt family — 5 upright and 5 italics. With some nice ligatures, alternates, swaches... It’s simple. It’s still a type and not lettering.

Ringo Myfonts Promo Ringo Myfonts Promo Ringo Myfonts Promo

Whassup y’all! Me and my bros got this li’l gang together: we is Ringo, and we got da bling, yo! We is da typeface family for ya all! We got some real sweet stuff for ya, some nice characters. We got all ’em OpenType features like fractions and proportional figgers, we even got da cubic root, man! And check out da question mark, man, is real sweet.

And the ampersand, yeah! I luv ’em ampersands. Now my brothers over here got some light action for ya, and they got some real bold action for ya. We got some nice foxy curves goin’ on, some nice tension, and some nice relaxation. My bro Light over here is kind of like the subtle guy, ya know. He’s in for the female fans, ya know. Heh!

Empik cd delivery Typography inside the bookstore

In 2004 I made a custom font family for the largest polish bookstore. Three weights, funny alternates, cyrillic... Now empik can write any word on any surface and keep its ID. Works perfect.

Reserved neon at the centre of Europe Empik logo near-by.

Lettering and logos

Sometimes I do logos too. Clean-ups. Fresh Ideas. And I never use fonts for that. Except cases when a font is designed by me specifically for the logo.